Jan 27, 2007

Home Coming

I got home the other night and opened up my e-mail and there it was. Someone I had been trying to find for 30 years had found me. Linda and I went to the same art school, Buffalo State College. She was by far and away, the most talented artist in the entire school. We gravitated towards each other and formed a mutual admiration society. It's hard being an artist. Deep down or maybe not so deep down, there is always doubt. We found a support system in each other. I always felt Linda didn't really need any support because her skill and work was so superior to what anyone else was doing in school. Plus she was way more mature than I was. We lost touch after college. Over the years I tried to find her but with no success. I figured she was married and had a different last name and that's why I couldn't find her. About a year ago is when I finally put up my website and blog. She said she had looked many times over the years also. She had just gotten a new computer, so for the hell of it she googled my name and there I was. When we finally spoke on the phone, she told me she hadn't picked up a pen since college. I was stunned. Life got in the way as it can and she let that artistic part of herself go. I told her it was never too late, although I think she already knew that. She explored my blog and I turned her on to my friend Danny Gregory's site. She soon discovered she was not alone. There are a million Linda's out there (just none that are as talented as her). Soon we will all have a new artist to help inspires us. As soon as Linda is ready I will post a few of her new works. I am so glad to have her back in my life. Welcome home.

Jan 21, 2007

Half Gainer

I have a bunch of Noguchi lamps in my apartment. One of them was quite large and expensive, I might add. You can see the thing here. So one day I'm watching Happy perched on top of a dresser in the bedroom. Suddenly just like Greg Louganis, she decides to take swan dive. I must say it was quite spectacular but instead of jumping into a pool, she chose this particular lamp. She shred the lamp to pieces. A total loss. Yun was upset but I didn't particularly care. It's just a lamp. We can replace it but our dumb cat is one of a kind.

Jan 20, 2007

False Teeth

I am obsessed with these stupid fake teeth. They crack me up. I hope to eventually own 100 of them. My favorite is the one with one tooth missing. I bought them on the way to see my mother-in-law down in Maryland. My father-in-law had passed away the week before. I thought it would cheer her up. Yun kept scolding me to take the stupid thing out of my mouth. She said it was unfunny. When my mother-in-law saw me, she started to cry. She thought something bad happened to me. When she finally realized it was fake she was cracking up too. Of course I had to do it all weekend long at he most inappropriate times. It always cracked my mother-in-law up and me too. I always keep one set in my travel kit. I would always forget about it. Yun and I would check into a hotel and there it would be. I would put the sucker in and Yun would see it and hang her head and wonder how she ever hooked up with such a mental patient.

Where's Felicity?

My blog is one year old. This past year I put up over 200 posts. Not bad. That's a lot of drawing. When I first started I didn't really understand the comments portion of blogging. I sort of ignored it. Then I noticed on my friend, Mattias Adolfsson's blog that he used it to have a dialogue with people who came to his site. So I began to do the same. I'm a little slow but eventually I get it. I used to always hear from my biggest fan, Felicity Grace. There was something very comforting about seeing her comments each day. She became a friend. Lately she hasn't left any comments. Even my wife asked me, "where's Felicity?" Recently I have a new friend. Ana Banana, the girl with the great name. I just wanted to give these two very talented artists a shout out on my blog. The drawing on top is Ana's and the one below is by Felicity. Thank you for coming to see my silly blog and leaving your wonderful comments. I appreciate it. I hope you both know I am big fans of yours too.

Jan 8, 2007

Guilty As Charged

The veil has been lifted. We knew they were all crooked before this trial. This is just further confirmation. I downloaded a cool widget from apple. It gives a running countdown to the second of how much time these criminals have left in office. Check it out here. Look under top 50 widgets. It's called Bush countdown. I like to check it once in a while. Just to know that living in this country under the current administration won't last forever.

Jan 6, 2007


When Yun and I were in Japan we did something I always wanted to do. We went to the Tsukiji fish market. It's the largest fish market in the world. They handle 2000 tons of seafood a day. That's right, I said a day. The reason I wanted to see it is because you can eat the freshest sushi on the planet. There are a handful of tiny eateries that serve the best fish from the market that day. There are long lines of locals and tourists. Yun and I went out there and waited on a long line. I did a little doodle to pass the time. Our meal was cheap, simple and amazing. One we will never forget.

Jan 5, 2007

Freckle Face

At my new job I brought with me an unopened moleskine book. In my free time I practice drawing as much as I can. I had the idea of drawing a girl with a lot of freckles. I thought it would be an interesting assignment to give myself. It was a few days after Christmas and the office was pretty empty so I scribbled away by myself. One of my co-workers asked if I do commissions but I said no. It’s too much trouble. I’d prefer to draw what interests me at the moment.

Jan 3, 2007

Miss American Pie

About 25 years ago, I went to the top floor of a club in new york called danceteria. Set up behind the bar was about 25 television sets. They were all connected to different VCR players. They were randomly playing old movies on the different screens. As the music of the club blared, people stood transfixed to the images on the screen. It's the first time I'd ever seen anything like it before. Music playing over top of hip imagery for endless hours was a whole new concept. I’m sure the creators of MTV were there and witnessed the phenomenon. Images to rock music playing all day long, seemed like a good idea at the time. Now a quarter of a century later, music is dead as a doornail. Unless you LOOK right and are very good at aerobics and jazzercize, don’t even thing of trying to be a musician because you’ll never make it. I passed by Tower records on broadway in manhattan and it was closed, dead as a doornail. Just like music is today.

Jan 2, 2007

Tooth Decay

When I was a kid and went to the dentist, it was the most painful experiences of my life. For some sick reason the dentist never gave me novocaine. He would just start drilling away. The pain was overwhelming, especially because I had tons of cavities. I just thought it was normal. That was the way everyone was treated. I was too little and scared to say anything, so I didn’t. I just took the pain and agony. The guy was a real nut job to do that to a little kid. He would always kid to my mom that he didn’t know if I was breathing when I was in the chair. I wouldn’t make a sound or peep. I was hanging on for dear life just like Dustin Hoffman in “Marathon Man”.