Dec 5, 2007

The O Man

I really want to be into Barak but after watching the first fifty debates I came away disappointed. I know there is a learning curve in this running for president thing. Just look at George W, he's still trying to learn if he can someday be a president. Obama made me feel he wasn't ready. At this stage of the game though, I am forcing myself to go back and have a second look. Hopefully he can start to show me something. If he has what it takes he would be very easy to get behind. Come on Barak, hit me with your best shot.


LitPark said...

I feel the same way. Although your cabinet and advisors can make up the gaps if you choose well. I was hoping Bloomberg would toss his hat into the ring. Imagine politics where people didn't give a shit about the polls and just said what they meant.

Tommy Kane said...

We all dig the Bloomberg.

gabi campanario said...

i like your portraits of candidates and the sharp commentary. very clever!

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