Dec 18, 2007

Cute Animals

My latest round of drawings did not garner much attention on my flickr site. I guess people are tired of politics. Seems like what people really like are drawings of cute animals. If I draw a squirrel or a kitty cat, people flock to the images in droves. So I am hanging up my political drawings for a while. SO here is a stupid animal drawing I did that will probably get 200 views and a whole lot of comments left on it. Sometimes you just have to give the people what they want.


swasky said...

That's the problem (Happy New Year! Sorry). If you are doing what you want or people want. I think if you are working in job, people ask you for they want, but in your blog you do what you want. That's it.

Tommy Kane said...

Good point. I'm so used to solving other people's problems.

LitPark said...

I like your bad-ass commentary the best.

As for cute animals, more than half of my favorite friends are Aries (go figure), so I must have a thing for horns.

Tommy Kane said...

I have a lot more cute animal drawings to come.

yun said...

you can count tommy as one of your aries friends, too, susan. i agree w/ swasky that this blog thing should not be run by majority rule. draw all the wacky things and people as you like. personally, i like the travel drawings (hint, hint, time for a vacation!).

spacedlaw said...

You should draw what you like, Tommy.
All of your drawings are fine pieces of art, people who want cute fuzzy animals can go to Cute Overload (hey! it almost sounded like a cuss word thingy!).

Anonymous said...

If your content is up for a vote, I vote for naked ladies. More of that. - Keith

LitPark said...

We were laughing one day at soccer because every single person there was an Aries. And every one of us is fiesty, that's for sure. Tommy would fit right in!

I agree - no more getting bullied by popular opinion. However, if you're going to succumb to bullying anyway, I'd like to see some bats and greyhounds.

(Happy New Year, Yun!)

Tommy Kane said...

Laded ladies is not a bad suggestion.

Tommy Kane said...

Typo. I meant naked Ladies.

Paula said...

I think your Obama is cuter than the ram! But like you, I wonder why no one comments on some drawings/postings. It's hard to figure out what people want, and even harder to ignore that and do what YOU want! : D

ksklein said...

i really enjoy your people (and animal) sketches. but it´s more fun commenting when i recognize the people you are drawing. that means i know the famous politicians and the actors etc. but every other politician which isn´t well known outside the states i don´t. but not commenting doesn´t mean that the sketches aren´t enjoyed. your blog, your sketches, your choice!

Gabrielle said...

I had to post. It was like trying not to scratch an itch. Bwahahahaha

Happy New Year, BTW :)

spleenal said...

it's important to name your picture well so that it is picked up by the searches.

You may get more hits if you call this drawing big butt babe

Andrea said...

Great teeth!

Tommy Kane said...

I never thought of giving my tags porn names. good idea.

timave23 said...

can i use this picture for my myspace?

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banksy canvas prints said...

Who doesn't like pork chops?!

Rick said...

Ahh that's true, everyone loves pork chops! Great drawing!

Rob said...

Mmm pork chops!

canvas print said...

Cool drawing but I rather lamb chops!