Dec 13, 2007

Advertising 2

These are the finished ads I did with David LaChapelle. Pretty wild stuff for Samsung.


LitPark said...

Those are incredible. I love the color and how there's the central picture that catches your eye but then all of the fun stuff going on in the background.

ksklein said...

they are really cool. love the colors!

Tommy Kane said...

I'm really into fun stuff.

imwithsully said...

It must be awesome to have a client that allows you to do such amazing work! Thanks for sharing.

Son Poemas said...

Me encantó el color.


Tommy Kane said...

It great to have a client that lets you put girls with big cans into ads.

ksklein said...


girls with big cans? haven´t heard that expression before, but i can imagine what it means. :)

thanks for commenting on my blog and for the link. it´s new years today, so i dare to give you a *smooch

Tommy Kane said...

i'll take it. happy new year

LitPark said...

I just came back from Philly, and when we crossed the Verrazaono bridge, it's Samsung city with the billboards. Not the big cans, but the jukebox ones. Fun to see you towering over the city.

Happy new year! x

Tommy Kane said...

I'm famous.

ksklein said...

i guess, we all know that. :)

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Bob said...

These guys really are leading the way with canvas paintings in advertising.