Nov 5, 2007

Vincent Russo

Butch and I went out drawing the other day. He helped me bring some stuff to
my new apartment in Brooklyn. It turns out that my new hood is full of great
things to draw. There is some guy named Vincent Russo who puts up signs all
over town. They are all wacky make shift signs announcing, Vincent Russo
notary public. I mean they are everywhere. He seems to be quite a character.
We also went to Red Hook, which is the neighborhood next to my new one. All
the Mexicans play soccer on the weekends in a big park. Vendors set up
stalls and sell fantastic homemade delights from all over South America. We
feasted on cerviche and spicy pork tacos. We were in heaven. The bad news is
I think the city is trying to shut them down. Read about it here.


benzi said...

Hey Tommy I've been reading your blog for a while now before I even knew what a blog was...actually I just kind of figured it out...and as a result I have one of my own now, maybe you can stop by one day and check it out, I'm a fan of your work and you may even notice some of your influence in some of the pieces I've done.Love your drawings.

Tommy Kane said...

Benzi, I went and looked at your blog. great job. I love the design of it. Keep it going.

LitPark said...

Wow, you don't want to lose that soccer community with all that good food, that's for sure.

Beautiful drawing, and I love the nutty signs. I think that guy's brother must live in my town.