Nov 20, 2007


My spam is always the same. I get about 50 a day for viagra, cialis, nude pics of Brittney Spears, hot stock tips and penis extenders. There is one recurring spam I get that makes no sense to me. Replica watches. Am I the only one receiving these? Replica watches. What the hell is up with that? Of all the products on earth how did replica watches become the king of spam. Can it possibly work? Are people really logging on and buying watches from these invisible people? Can someone please explain this to me. I begging for an answer.


Joel Kimmel said...

I've been getting more replica watch spam than ever before! My viagra ones have also become a bit more graphic. I read an article about some guys who actually tried buying things from their spam emails and they had about a 40 % success rate. Nice drawing, I really like the fish.

Nita said...

You guys need to get a better email site--I get fewer than 5 items a week at either or The filtered items can always be looked at, but I don't.

If you like Google, check out gmail. (Satisfied customer, no inside track here).

Martha said...

Great drawing.

I can't believe anyone ever buys anything from a Spam solicitation, but they must, I suppose. We live in a very strange world.

Tommy Kane said...

Interesting feedback. Sometimes I accidentally delete real emails because I am going through my spam so fast. Then I have to go to my deleted mail to real it.

spacedlaw said...

Getting loads of that. And on line casinos. And cheap medicine. and promises of hot chicks who are "dying to meet me". I do hope they don't really die...
Only on my work email account though.

Tommy Kane said...

I thought it was only me that hot chicks wanted to meet.

Felicity said...

Strangely enough, there were a lot of hot chicks in my area in Kuwait too! Love the drawing as always, hope life isn't too hectic for you. My DH tells me the guys (?) who send these out make millions - must be a lot of stupid people out there!

Tommy Kane said...

I'm amazing people answer any spam.

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