Nov 5, 2007

Out Of It

I have been so overwhelmed by moving that I have had no time to draw. My job leaves me no free time during the day to sketch. So I forced myself to draw during a boring status meeting. Yun says I get cranky if I don't get to draw. I miss posting three times a week. I was able to do it no problem for a year and a half. Trust me, I will come out of this and be as prolific as ever. I've been getting pulled from many directions but my moleskines are calling to me.
Henderson, thank you for the wonderful book. We now know all about our surroundings.


LitPark said...

My pleasure.

I'm sorry the move took so much out of you. xo

PROLIX said...

fun banner!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Tommy Kane said...

I'm getting my strength back

Gabrielle said...

Yes, you will come through the other end of this! You have to! I love coming here and getting inspired!

I spent all this summer only creating for my job, I became Jill-the-Bear, so I know the feeling.

Oddly enough, the newspaper where I work put out its last issue yesterday, it's closing down. I'm going to make up for lost time once I'm finished there in mid December.

Did drawing those people make you feel better?

Tommy Kane said...

Yes it did. I used to work at a newspaper too. The Buffalo Evening News.