Nov 29, 2007

MITTle Of The Road

What do I think of Mitt Romney's positions? Well, I know he's for a woman's right to choose. No wait, he's now against it, I think. I know he's for gun control. No wait, I think he's sort of against it now. He even went hunting once and shot a gerbil. He's against jaywalking, but wait now I think he's for it. He's always been for turkey on Thanksgiving but now I think he's for salmon. In fact he's probably for whatever you are for. Isn't that great. That would make him the best possible candidate, but wait, maybe that would make him the worst.


LitPark said...

Hee. Now this is why I always start my day by coming here. It's like a little electric charge.

(When I was a kid, my friend and I used to play electrocution games and see who could build up to the biggest shock. I guess I didn't outgrow that.)

Tommy Kane said...

That would be a good title for a blog. Shock Therapy.