Nov 29, 2007

Huckapoo Sweater

I don't know much about this dude except that he's the conservative freak. I know he believes every single word in the bible and in creationism. So I guess that means he wants to keep blowing up Iraq. Then he'd blow up Iran and then he would start searching for more countries whose names begin with the letter I. Better be careful India and Italy.


Anonymous said...

did everyone see the new Christmas ad by Huckabee where they shine the light on the white cube bookshelf behind him so that it is lit up like a cross?

LitPark said...

You are such a prolific bad-ass with this lined paper. I love it!

Tommy Kane said...

Yeah I saw the ad. It was pretty funny. You kind of have to give the guy credit for that one. He pulled it off really well

Anonymous said...

wow: you


Tommy Kane said...

yes wow me.

ksklein said...



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