Nov 21, 2007


The Mitchell report is out naming those in major league baseball who used
steroids. It seems to me that there are an awful lot of New York Yankees on
the list. Roger Clemens, Andy Petite, Jason Giambi, Jose Canseco, Chuck
Knoblauch, Gary Sheffeld, Aaron Boone, Mike Stanton, Jason Grimsley, Kevin Brown and David Justice. There's probably a few dozen other Yankees that I'm missing. It seems strange that the team with by far the most players named in the report happened to win the most World Series during that time period. I wonder if the Yankees are going to give back the trophies and rings? A lot of championship banners and flags are going to have to come down at disgraced Yankee stadium. Maybe the hall of fame will just be putting a lot of asteriks on all the Yankee awards.


LitPark said...

The second I heard the news, I knew we'd be seeing some Yankees over here. Fun to see something so quick!

Tommy Kane said...


Terry Banderas said...

Beautiful caricature of Roger.