Aug 12, 2007

Glass Half Full

I got the chance to do a photo shoot with Andy Glass. He's one of the best photographers in the world. Just go look at his work here. When we were finished shooting he had to get right on a flight to New Zealand. He had some type of attack on the plane. They had to take him off and rush him to the hospital the second the flight landed. He was operated on. They had to take out part of his intestines or something like that. Scary. the good news is, he is perfectly fine. He was supposed to do a big television commercial and print shoot there but his assistant had to take over for him. One minute you're fine and the next, who knows. Enjoy life because you never know what will happen next.


LitPark said...

Wow, his work's exciting and unexpected. Can't wait to see what you create together.

(Your logo today is really powerful. Shouldn't you be packing?)

Tommy Kane said...

I do nothing but pack.