Jul 30, 2007


I finally found a little time at work to do a sketch. Found some dumb
foreign fashion magazine. Opened it to a random page and drew a stupid
sunglasses ad. It took hardly any time at all. I colored the hair in a
meeting. I think people thought I was furiously writing notes about the
meeting. Wrong. I didn't know what to write so I thought the model looked a
bit like Lohan. I was going to write across her forehead the words, model
from a dumb sunglass ad. I decided against it because I liked the drawing the
way it was. I lot of people on flickr thought it was Lohan but it's not.


brian nelson said...

The eyes and the sunglasses are awesome! very well done!

LitPark said...

I remember reading somewhere that Lindsay Lohan was the new Ann Margret, and then I watched the re-make of Freaky Friday, thinking, nuh-uh.

So, how noisy are you in these meetings with all these hatch marks?

Tommy Kane said...


juj said...

I like how it's hard to tell whether it's you saying you watch Lindsey or the subject saying it. As always, your rich, popp-y colors are d'bomb.

Tommy Kane said...

I meant it as the subject was saying it.

Jacqueline Hudon said...

Great job on those lenses.

Anonymous said...

hello, just wanted to let you know, if you're interested, it actually is lohan in that add...she did a campaign for some company i forget which...but it is her, nonetheless.