Jun 2, 2007


I arrived home one day after doing this drawing. Yun asked if she could see what I'd done. When I showed her she couldn't believe it. She said she and her friend had eaten there when I was in Toronto. It was her plan to take me there for dinner. It is very far from our apartment. It's not like it's in our neighborhood or something. She couldn't believe I had walked and weaved through the streets and ended up in front of that particular building. We must be on the same wavelength.


ksklein said...

... it seems so! :)

anyway the sketch is beautiful. what is wonderful about it, that you used color only on a few parts of the illustration. great!

Tommy Kane said...

i ran out of time.

Anonymous said...

that's funny :)

Ana Banana said...


have you returned all ready? -- from Italy? That was quick.

this is stunning as usual. maybe your 6th sense at work.

Joel Kimmel said...

What do you sit on when you're doing these? I have to bring a camping chair with me to do my sketches!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

This sketch is so wonderful it makes me wanna kill myself. (Not actually, of course. But it really is a Sakura Micron .005 right through my wee would-be artist's heart.)

Tommy Kane said...

No we are still in italy. i am posting from there. yes i use a little fold up camping stool.

juj said...

I really like the limited color on this one. Hope dinner was grand...

Penguin & Fish said...

I'm glad you ran out of time with coloring :) It looks great as is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy Kane!

You are hereby tagged.

Tothworld started it.
I am merely a conduit.


This tape will now
self destruct.

The secretary shall disavow
all undergarments.

ps... Love your blog!