May 8, 2007


Someone asked me today if I noticed an increase in homeless activity in my neighborhood. I said no. He said he was being overrun. In the past there used to be nice old bums. Nowdays there is a younger meaner breed. They're very aggressive and scarier. He said there are a few regulars on his block always covered in dried blood. The neighbors complained. The police come and arrest them but they are back a day or two later covered in blood and menacing the old ladies on the street. At my last apartment I interacted with the homeless a lot more. I had a stoop that was a magnet for them. I became friendly with a couple who have since died. One guy was about my size so I used to give him my old clothes. Some nights I would come home late in the winter and see this guy on my stoop. He would be wearing all of my clothes. It was kind of freaky. We'd both laugh. Now Yun and I live on a main avenue. It is not safe for bums to hang out there and sleep or bother people. They have to hide along the sides streets terrifying my friend. Better him than me.


bs said...

I don't know if you are into it or not, but there is a great book I read recently called Under the Overpass - about two guys that chose to be homeless for 6 months and traveled to 5 different states and journaled about it so they could learn what it meant to truly be without. It's an amazing book and it comes highly recommended.

Also, I was inspired to draw something based on your work. I hope I don't insult you, but inspire you. I put up a few (5) of my latest drawings and that one is in it - you'll definitely know which one it is once you see it.

Man, I love your style! Keep doing it.

Looking forward to seeing what you think.

Tommy Kane said...

Wow bs that's amazing. I'm very flattered. Beautiful drawing by the way. I also dig the drawing of the father yelling at the son and then at his son. well done.

Owen said...

Absolutely wonderful drawing (very soulful).

Jacqueline Hudon said...

Those blue eyes... they feel humble and sad.

Tommy Kane said...

a lot of character in that face.

spacedlaw said...

Powerful drawing. There is a change in homeless crowds and culture. I can see it here as well.

Ana Banana said...

This is absolutely stunning portrait! Very sensitive drawing and you captured the essence of this man...beautiful work! I am constantly impressed.

I spent a lot of time in Philadelphia during my college days, and had the pleasure of meeting many homeless men and women. Some of the nicest, and most REAL people I've ever met. One, in particular, I will never forget... a Vietnam vet plaqued by flashbacks particular flashback which tortured him incessantly...torching a village and then discovering, to his horror, the gruesome remains of a pregnant mother.

There is usually a poignant and heartwrenching story with these forgotten souls.