May 19, 2007


My parents and Yun's mom and grandmother stayed in the city one weekend. We put them up in a hotel. On sunday we all ate dim sum in Chinatown. After lunch we were walking home. Yun's mom and grandmother were very tired and wanted to go back to the hotel and rest. My mom and I were standing all alone on a side street corner. Yun and my dad were getting the others a cab. All of a sudden a young Chinese guy approached my mom and whispered, "you want to look at some handbags?" We said "yeah, why not." He made us follow him half way down the block and then he took us into a jewelry store. We were a bit puzzled. Now the guy pulled on one of the walls that were full of costume jewelry and it opens up. A secret hidden room behind the wall. Just like Ann Frank. We were stunned. I went out into the street and pointed out the store we were in to Yun. Then my mom and I entered the hidden treasure room. There were handbags on display from floor to ceiling. There were a few other women in there shopping. Finally Yun and my dad showed up. They couldn't believe it. When they entered the store and we weren't there, they were confused. Yun said she couldn't believe we actually went inside. Between my mom, Yun and her friend Mona, they purchased five handbags. Real fancy name brand kinda stuff. My mom thought it was a great experience. It's not how they do it in New Jersey. Actually it was a fun day for all of us even if I didn't come away with a bag for myself.
I am in the new issue of Anti magazine. Issue number 3. Check it out here.


Tommy Kane said...

i had to leave a comment. I can't have a zero comment post.

Fika said...

Oh that's cool. A secret hidden room! Suddenly the idea of a passageway behind those bookshelves doesn't seem possible just in the movies.

It's not how they do it here either. Near where I come from, they do it openly. There are first grade fakes too; meaning they are real close to the original ones but they're still well, fakes.

Nice drawings Tommy! Your lines are always nice. And I wonder why the comments were disabled before.

Tommy Kane said...

That is really how it happened.

spacedlaw said...

Weee ! Comments are open !
The set up for selling the copies sounds extremely elaborate.
Here, in Rome, the illegal sellers just push their wares in the streets. They do get raided by the Guardia Finanza every now and then but they just form their stalls again a few streets away...
The fakes are not of a very sturdy quality but, for items that fashion dictates should be changed every 6 months (or less), I suppose they are OK. and they are often more fun than the real items (more colours, typically).

道明寺Stan said...

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