Apr 1, 2007


I spent my birthday atop the CN tower. There is a real fancy restaurant there. One of those circular ones that rotates the whole time you're eating. It was a kind of tourist place except the food was top notch and expensive. The constant rotating definitely made me dizzy. We hit the club scene too. Everyone in Toronto looks like a model. I'm not sure what that is all about. Must be the cold winters or something. Someone gave me the book, "So you want to be a Canadian." It's filled with lots of facts. Did you know that ginger ale, plastic garbage bags, lawn sprinklers, paint rollers and zippers were all invented in Canada? Well it's true.


Ana Banana said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Tommy...whenever it was. I think it was in April, yes?

Another super sketch, Mr. Prolific One.

ksklein said...

Happy BIrthday from me too! :)

Tommy Kane said...

My birthday was March 30th. Thanks.