Mar 10, 2007

Comic Con

My friend Drew and I are real nerds. We love toys. So we had to go to the big toy and comic book convention in Manhattan. It was a bone chilling cold saturday morning. Drew and I wanted to get there early to beat all the other freaks we knew were going to show up in droves. The only problem is once we got there, every other maniac had the same idea. We stood on line with tons of retards dressed up like star wars characters. Fat chicks dressed like Wonder Woman and Super Girl, with their big bellies hanging out of their costumes. We were in heaven. These are our people. We stayed for a few hours. Next year can't come soon enough.


Linda Lagana said...

I MISS YOU!!!! ;-) You're still having fun after all these years and still making me laugh. Good for you! Always a bright spot in my day when I check your site and there's a new post. I'll be thinking about you this week. I'm off to NY State tomorrow morning to do college campus tours with my daughter. I'll be at Buff State on Friday. Haven't been on campus since I visited Buffalo in 1992. It's going to be weird for me seeing that I'm going to be showing my daughter around. Where does the time go?

Tommy Kane said...

That's funny. Maybe she'll like Buff State. it was a great school to go to. Let me know how it was when you get back.

Ana Banana said...

nerdy people are my favorite.

Great image, Tommy!

Tommy Kane said...

Welcome to the club, banana.

spleenal said...

Have you got any photos of the fat chick wonderwoman and supergirl?
I know guys who would pay good money for that kind of thing.
Aw hell who am I kidding it's for me.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Ahaha. There was this convention called Supanova here in brisbane and I often go.
I love the exibits and the books and cool little statues and stuff, but for some reason, as soon as I show up there, I want to beat up everyone and take thier money.
Such is a curse of a nerd trapped in a bully's body :(
It's like one of those freaky Jerry Springer shows, when a woman with a hairy chest walks out and declares she was "born a man"...
If it was me I would declare I was "born a bully".
But those sort of conventions out here are pretty much bottom line.
Sometimes, there is a decent looking chick in furry bikini.
Anyhow, hope you had a good time.


Plain Jane said...

so, which one of these characters is you?

Claire said...

Looks like so much fun! (I have a friend who sews her own Star Wars costumes from scratch) The nerds are my people, too.