Feb 15, 2007

Push Yourself

There are so many days I have to literally force myself to draw. Day in and day out it is exhausting. Coming up with new ideas at work and new ideas to draw in my books is very taxing. These two drawings are good examples of forcing myself to do things I really didn't want to. When I started the drawing of the woman, I hated it. Her face looked ugly. I just couldn't get it right. That is why I drew the hair so elaborately, it was in order to hide my lousy sketch as best I could. In the end it was the hair idea that saved it. If I didn't screw up her face right away, then the drawing would have been a completely different idea. I should emphasize that I have no preconceived notion of what my drawings will look like. I don't think, I just start sketching and see what develops as I go. The drawing of the booze bottle happened because I was at my in-law's house with nothing to draw. So I searched and found something weird to doodle. So when you see all the drawings on my blog, don't think it comes easy. It's hard and a pain in the ass but it is also very rewarding for the soul. My wife says I already wrote about this theme before. I'm sorry if i'm repeating myself but it really is hard sometimes.


Ana Banana said...

Tommy, I don't think her face looks ugly, if anything, you've captured something very expressive about her and created a mood -- beautiful! Love the colors and of course the hair!

I'm impressed that you force yourself to draw every day -- no wonder you're so darn good!

FerdinandKreozot said...

Yes, that what Ana said.
Hair is awesme, and her face looks nice to me, it looks right and on par with the rest of the drawing.
Funny thing is how you make yourself do it every day.
At work, I do 30-50 sketches every day, if it's clean up stuff it's 10-15, and if it's some 3D crap thn it's days on a single mesh.
By the time I get home, I want to kill myself and sight of paper makes me sick. And yet, when i pick up the sketchbook, The time stops and I become the child again.
Artists are all both lucky and cursed at the same time.
Love the hair on her, and the booze sketch is great too, chicks and booze being two of my favourite subjects ever.

Cheers to you,


Bruce said...

I was immediately drawn to her hair, but as I looked around I found that the background really caught my eye. It's simple yet there's something about it that I can't quite explain.

on another note, would you care if I linked you in my blog? It's very inspiring coming here.

Tommy Kane said...

definately link my blog. i crave links

s.vorhaben said...

...I can totally relate to forcing yourself to draw everyday...I've started doing that in the last year or so....even if it's a 5 minute quick sketch...that's better than nothing....but there are days where it kills me to open the moleskine.....anyway, I agree w/bruce, the background on the girl is wonderful....and ferdinandkreozot...chicks and booze, nice combo...

Felicity said...

Thanks Tommy for writing that. It's more disheartening if it just comes easy! I really like the drawing of the woman, it's dark and moody, very striking.

Fifi LePew said...

yes, thanks for letting us know it doesn't come easy (like it looks). I don't know if I would be able to keep up that kind of creativity on a daily basis.

I was really struck by your model's hair, all the coils unrolling, and then the words in red hit my funny bone. Didn't even notice the face til you mentioned it.

jen said...

hi tommy, i can definately relate to forcing yourself to draw, and things not turning out as you "hadn't" planned. i too never have a plan, and just let it flow forth. love the hair one, i can relate to the case of "the fluff" in humidity!

Mike Rohde said...

Tommy, thanks for the inspiration! I took my Moleskine everywhere this weekend and ended up with some nice opportunities to sketch:


Keep up the great work. Your art constantly inspires me to sketch, often when I don't want to. :-)


alex said...

hi tommy,

i think the face is really ugly, too. and i am really happy that you made a post about it. because you describe the difficulty that everybody goes through at times. often, i feel like my stuff sucks and that makes me feel inadequate as a whole. honestly, that's how i've been feeling during almost all of 2007 now. reading about your struggle and how you work through it gives me something valuable since you are an artist i look up to. i apprechiate that you use your blog not only to show off your skills but to show something about yourself as a person and to share your experience.

keep it up, tommy. ill keep reading.

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