Feb 8, 2007

Lost And Found

I put up my website last march. Before that if you googled my name nothing came up. Now when you google Tommy Kane, 25 pages of stuff comes up. In other words I'm easy to find now. The other thing that happens is I get a lot of e-mail asking if I'm the Tommy Kane that lived in new hyde park and like listening to the Beatles. Or am I the Tommy Kane from Boston who who was a great wiffle ball player. I hate disappointing people. My name must be more common than I think. I like the fact that people are out there searching for old friends. Wondering what happened to them. I must admit I do it myself. I've found several people from my past who are very dear to me. I'm always wondering who will find me next.


Ana Banana said...

Good Morning Tommy and Yun,

What I have found with the internet, is that it is damned difficult to stay incognito if one prefers, never mind if you have a website or blog. There's something about that that reminds me of George Orwell's, "1984." As if everything that you think or do on a daily basis is known by the "thought police."

I personally have a few loons from my past of whom I would not like to catch up with me, if you know what I mean...thus Ana Banana.

By the way, this sketch is beautiful! How to top the last compliment, I don't know...your work is stunning! -- I love it!

I especially like your vulnerability, Tommy, expressed in words and image -- a great and rare quality to find in another. That is what draws me into your blog.

Ana the Banana

Tommy Kane said...

Ana Banana is the best name on the internet. We won't blow your cover.

ALTAMIRA said...

eXcelentes dibujos!!

Bill Turner said...

I too have a pretty common name, which I also share with some famous folks - and some imaginary, as in the case of the Pirates of The Caribbean films. I rarely get the emails asking if I was that particular Bill.

That Jimi is fantastic. I love it. And for some reason it reminds me alot of an old/odd reissue I have of a Hendrix album: http://perso.orange.fr/lp-covers/images%20MOEBIUS/hendrix.jpg

Bill Turner said...

Hmm. That image link didn't work, but you can try this one instead:


Felicity said...

Occassionally I think of a name and Google it but I've never found any of them! I have one particularly screwy person from the past but I decided not to let her stop me being myself. The more people blog and get themselves 'out there', the less novelty there is for the loonies, I reckon.

Brilliant illustration Tommy!

Tommy Kane said...

Great Jimi shot.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Hey, I went to your site, and I saw your art director reel. I loved it all.
My particular favourite is the photomanipulated girl on your homepage and that ad in similar style you've directed. I am haunted by that style myself, and cheers me up when I see someone else do it really good.
Your aproach to art is just the way i like in general and your work is trully inspiring.
I am usually not like this, but this time I gave in to the child within :)
Cheers to you once again,

Kind regards,


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant.