Dec 28, 2006


My favorite place on the whole trip to Asia had to be the hutongs of Beijing. They are the ancient little alleyways. Yun and I took a one hour tour through one of the hutongs. We saw where Mao had lived for a year as a teenager. Behind the walls are little courtyards. Sometimes many poor families live there. Others belong to people of some means. We got to go into one and have some tea. There were birdcages with little yellow finches in them. Miniature cages with locusts inside. Best of all was when we'd pass a little noodle shop and all the people were sitting around eating at funky tables all over the street. Shoemakers, craftsmen and haircutting joints. One night I went into one of the alleyways to draw. Everyone, and I mean everyone came over to watch what I was doing. They were poor and didn't have much but they always offered me cigarettes or a soda. They watched me draw intently, pointing out what I should draw next in the scene. Little kids clutching my sleeve the whole time. At the end I showed them all the drawings I had in the three books I was carrying. I left that alleyway with my heart aching for how much I dug my new found friends.

Dec 27, 2006

Tea Totaler

It was very cold out, so I was searching for something to draw in my apartment. We got this really cool looking tea set as a wedding gift from Yun's aunt in Korea. I wanted to do something with a lot of elements and writing all over. I always start out with no real plan, hoping I don't screw up my drawing book. I want to eventually find out what all the items are for. There is a beautiful Japanese tea salon on 9th street. They have afternoon tea ceremonies. I should attend and ask them what all this cool stuff I have is for.

Dec 26, 2006

China In New York

This was from my short lived yellow period, with a little orange thrown in. Chinatown is such a great part of new york to draw in. I would splash on the background color first and then draw over top of it with my black pen. Gives downtown a groovy look.

Summertime Blues

These are some drawings I did last summer on my friend Lango's farm. I never got the chance to post them. Makes me miss those warm summer nights hanging out in just a t-shirt. Although the winter has been pretty mild. It's so much easier to draw outside when it's not cold. My output of drawings will greatly increase as the the temperature rises.

Dec 25, 2006

Art Collector

Over the years I have begun to amass quite a collection of artwork and prints from really great artists. I was taking inventory the other day. Here is who I own so far. Mark Ryden, Ray Ceasar, Clayton Brothers, Nate Williams, Alex Gross, Kristen Easthope, Gary Taxali, Jotto, Feric, James Jean, John Casey, Audrey Kawasaki, Sauerkids, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Tara McPherson, Mattias Adolffson, Travis Millard, Jeremy Fish, John John Jesse, Hussar, Rik Catlow, Steroluz, Stella Im Hultberg, Caia Koopman, Rama Hughes and Yumiko Kayukawa. There's still a few more I'd like to own like Lori Early, Camille Rose Garcia and Sas Christian.

Dec 24, 2006


When I first started my blog I used to occasionally put up drawings and views that were political. At one point I was in between jobs. I was using a headhunter to find a new ad agency to work for. She would send potential agencies to my website. This way they could look at my work online. I wouldn't have to go to the trouble of sending a portfolio. SEVERAL times the headhunter told me that people loved my work BUT they would go to my blog and read my thoughts about politics and they would tell my headhunter I was too controversial. At first I thought she was kidding but I soon realized she was serious. I was none too happy about this, especially because George Bush was busy totally screwing up the world politically and environmentally. So I stopped the political blogging for a while but now I am back in business. You would think people in advertising are creative and would appreciate someone who was clever and had an opinion. Turns out the opposite is true. I have a sneaky suspicion that people who actually voted for George W. are deep down so furious at him because his blunders have made them look like idiots too. So when they hear any kind of honest opinion about Bush they go into fits. They want us all to stay quiet until George fades into history as a failure. The only problem is two years is a long time for all of us to have to wait.

Dec 23, 2006


I was in a meeting the other day and a client was going on and on about every detail of what the nutty astronaut did. They had way too much information. It was as if he read every news article he could find. I then realized every other person in the room seemed to know just as much. Wow, the nutty astronaut has really captured the imagination of america. I don't really know much about it but I will say I'm more interested in NASA now than since I was a kid. A lot of people were really freaked out about the diaper thing. It was no big deal to me having driven thousands of miles wearing adult diapers many times before. It's her bad hair-do that freaked me out the most.

Dec 21, 2006


One of my most prized possessions is my personalized autograph from Anna Nicole Smith. For legal reasons I can't really go into the story of how I got this. All I can say is there was lots of booze involved and Anna's bra got stolen. So you can imagine that I was very shocked to hear she passed away. She was one of a kind and a true original. Thanks for the autograph Anna.

Dec 19, 2006

Work Pad

When I work in advertising, I like to think of ideas while doodling on a sketchpad. Recently I was working on an assignment for cellular phones. This is my pad as I was jotting down ideas. It came out pretty cool so I thought I would share it. I throw out notebooks full of this stuff. I go through a lot of pens.

Dec 11, 2006

Street Art

I am in a new book called NYC BCN by Louis Bou. It's a photo book of all the great stickers and grafitti art on the streets of manhattan and Barcelona. I was contacted by my good friend Matt Siren, who is one of the best street artists in the world, bar none. He told me we had both made the book. I was very excited to see the result. Great work from the author, Mr. Bou.

New Kid On The Block

I have a new job doing the advertising for Samsung. My first morning there I had to attend a status meeting for the agency. There was about 40 people in attendance. There was a writer from Prague and it was also his first day. We had to stand up in front of everyone and introduce ourselves a bit. I went first. I said, "some of you may recognize me because for many years I modeled underwear for Calvin Klein. I'm sure you've all seen me on billboards. I was also hooked on steroids and spent 9 hours a day working out in the gym." (This is funny because i weigh 135 pounds, soaking wet.) I told everyone I got tired of that life, so I decided to go into advertising. Everyone laughed except the new writer, who had to get up and follow my act which is no easy task.

Dec 3, 2006

Motion Lotion

Drawing while in motion is no easy task. With practice anyone can do it. Sometimes I get a little intimidated by doing it. Once I begin I really enjoy the challenge. Here are a couple or recent examples. I should mention that the second drawing was done on the staten island ferry.

Also there is a podcast about me at The Illustrative Designer. It's a website of the great Von Glitschka I think you should give it a listen, even if it's only to find out how mental I am.

Dec 1, 2006

Blue Horse

I finished another painting. I'm not sure if I ever posted the final result. It is quite large. Now I have to start on another.