Sep 27, 2006

First Class

Yun and I went away for two weeks. In that time we flew from New York to Tokyo. Tokyo to Seoul Korea. South Korea back to Tokyo. Tokyo to Hong Kong. Hong Kong to Beijing. Beijing back to Hong Kong. The Kong back to Tokyo and finally back to NYC. So I was spending a lot of time in airports. I was inspired by my friend Mattias Adolfsson. He is always drawing planes. So I got into doing my own little versions. The trick was getting Yun to go along with getting to the airport early so I could do my drawing thing. I love how these turned out. The Japanese flight attendants went crazy for my drawings.

I want to give a shout out to Mike Dytri who sent me his great book, Bitches Brew."

Historical Society

Lately what I like drawing is buildings or store fronts. I'm sure these drawings will be a lot cooler in 25 years when the places have changed. In some ways as I go around New York drawing I am documenting a time in history. It's like looking back at the old black and white photos of cities when there are trollies and horse drawn wagons. I will just keep going until I have enough of these to make a nice size book. Then 30 years from now I'll publish the sucker. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Sep 26, 2006

Practice Makes Perfect

My friend frankie V. has a little recording studio near my apartment. It's a nice little clubhouse. I went over one day to draw the V practicing. I threw some washes on the background before I began drawing. The texture gives the drawing a groovy vibe. When I was done we cranked a few beers from the studio fridge.

Driving That Train

The best way to get around Europe is by train. Yun and I did a bit of it. Vienna to Salzburg and Salzburg to Prague. Of course the best way to travel by train is to bring booze. I bought this fancy schnappes and ended up drinking the whole thing. Then I did these two paintings, a little drunk. The train also has a nice little cart that comes around and serves cold beer. I had me a few of those too.

Changing Of The Guard

There's an old song by Alice Cooper called "Elected." Alice yells, "we're all gonna rock to the rules that I make. I wanna be elected." Well, hopefully the George Bush era of making up rules for us to follow is about to end. The lemmings who have been following this blundering administration over the cliff have finally woken up. Enough. Please, enough. How much does an administration have to fail in order for people to cry "uncle." On every garbage can in New York City there is a sticker that says you can't throw your household garbage in those cans or you'll get fined. I thought it would be a cool idea to make stickers that looked just like them. My new stickers better reflect the mood of the nation and don't really mention household trash. PLEASE VOTE.

Pot Of Tea

When we were in Vienna our friend there told us that the local hot dog stands have some of the best food in the city. The first night he took us to one and we were hooked. They are not as low end as the street hot dog carts in New York. They are a bit swankier. We did this a few late nights after some drinking. One of the best features was this little drink they sold. A cold ice tea type of beverage made of marijuana flowers. I bought a few cans home. I loved the packaging so much I had to do a little painting. I would love to own the rights to import this stuff into the good old US of A. It would be an instant hit. The stuff even tastes good. Of course this will never happen especially with the right wing nuts running this country. At least people are having fun in other parts of the world.

Mac Attack

When Yun and I got home from our trip to Europe I went into iphoto and made a slide show with music. She was quite amazed. The day after she saw it, she wanted to know if we could change the music. I said sure. I showed her how I did it. When people who don't use mac see one in action they instantly get hooked. We downloaded music from the music store and relayed it over the existing slideshow. Yun was thrilled. I said, "do you want to make a slideshow of our trip to Italy together?" Cut to 5 hours later and we are finishing up. I showed Yun all my tricks. Now it is becoming harder and harder for me to just sit at my computer without Yun being drawn to it like a magnet. Her PC never had that effect on me. Apple truly does rule.


I am unveiling a brand new website of mine. It's only my illustrations. I will use this site strictly to get illustration assignments. There is a lot of the old stuff and some new things as well. Let me know what you all think. Check it out here.

Beggar's Banquet

One of the most fascinating sights I saw in Prague was the homeless beggars. It was the way in which they begged that is so wild. It seemed like a begging technique from a thousand years ago. They knelt on the ground with their butt sticking up in the air behind them. They then placed their forehead squarely on the ground in front. You could never see their faces. They have their hands outstretched in front of them as far as possible. Both hands are cupped together in a very religious manner. They never move a muscle. The whole thing is so theatrical and also quite moving. I was spellbound each time I saw someone doing it. I told Yun I wanted to take a photo or ask one of them if they wouldn't mind if I drew them. Yun was appalled and said I shouldn't exploit them. I was confused. I didn't know what to do, so in the end I just left them alone. But the images of them has stuck with greatly.

Sep 6, 2006

Special Delivery

There is a fun website called, The Envelope Collective. People are asked to send them a letter or package but to think of the envelope as a canvas. You can draw, paint or collage anything you want onto it. When it gets to them they post them online. Here is my silly envelope art. I wanted to do something fun and cartoony. I had saved up a bunch of old stamps that came in handy. You can check out the site here.

I was very sad to see that one of the greatest websites of all time, Art Dorks is no longer in business. It was run by Brendan Danielsson, a genius illustrator if there ever was one.