Jul 19, 2006


Yatzik is a guy I met twenty five years ago. He was dragged into my life by my roommate at the time, Darcy. Yatzik was an alcoholic homeless street person. He was thrown out of Poland thirty five years ago. He was a well known poet and journalist who was railing against the communist government at the time. They couldn't stand him anymore just as I would come to not stand him either. He would show up at our apartment everyday just as dinner was ready to be served and I do mean everyday. He would drink all my beer and liquor, help himself to everything in our fridge, and I would catch him sometimes wearing my clothes. Not once did he lift a finger, and offer to do the dishes or even clean one dish. He never so much as brought over a can of pepsi in the ten years he mooched off us. But, he had one amazing quality and it was a strange one at that. This quality was the only reason I put up with him all those years. Whenever we would be invited to a party we'd always bring him. It never failed, there was always an incident which would result in him being thrown out. For some reason, these incidents made me laugh my ass off. He was hilarious. Many times there were fist fights. The best kind of parties where when we didn't know the people too well. Especially those parties at someone's parents' fancy uptown apartment. Sometimes it would take a while but you would only have to wait and then all of a sudden there would be a commotion. I remember once seeing a huge fifteen foot houseplant go down. There was a big crowd and sure enough there was my man right in the middle. People would always yell, "Who brought this guy?" We would never answer. We always pretended to not know who he was. I recently ran into him again. We have rekindled a friendship. He stopped drinking so he's more tolerable. It is fun to reconnect with people from our past. He's like the crazy relative that no one can stand but he is family. So like any family we are stuck with each other and we are going to make the best of it.

Jul 17, 2006


This is my favorite drawing that I've done using photoshop to color it in. I'm not sure why. I love how nonsensically the numbers float out of his mouth. It didn't take much effort to do. I must be getting the hang of the thing. I took a couple of photoshop classes at the apple store. More to come.

There are some pictures of me and my wife at http://www.xk9.com/woof/


I have been spending a lot of time at the Apple store in Soho. I've bought a bunch of new equipment and taken some classes. My new thing to do is when I enter the store, I go to as many computers as possible that are on display and I go into the safari preferences and change the startup homepage to make it my website, tommykane.com. I had dinner with Danny Gregory one night and I told him I was leaving my homepage on all the computers in the store. He suggested I change it in preferences to make it more permanent. The people in the store must laugh or get pissed when they see it at the end of each day. I wonder how many other freaks are out there doing the same thing. I'm a shameless promoter.


My new in-laws gave me a beautiful new watch as a gift. I glued the Cartier authentication certificate for my wedding ring into my moleskine. Then I did this goofy drawing over top of it. I've never worn a watch in my life but I must say I do love this sucker. It is my first real serious bling. I'm now thinking of getting some chains and medallions just like Mister T. I'll post a photo when I purchase all of them.

Jul 10, 2006


Just a reminder that I am also a painter. This one is fairly large, about three feet by four feet. You can alwys see some of my paintings on my website. This is mainly for people who are new to my site. Check out my website. I'm working on a new painting. It's six feet by four feet. I'll post a photo when I'm done. It's quite something. I've been so immersed in my drawing that it has been hard to get back to my paints. So little time to get everything done.

there is a little blurb about me at http://drawn.ca

Getting Permission

This is how the whole marriage thing started: My girlfriend (now my wife) and I drove to Maryland one weekend in May to see the Sheep and Wool Festival. My girl loves knitting so we took her knitting teachers with us to this festival. The real reason we were going though was for me to ask her dad for permission to marry her. We had lunch with her parents, brother and sister-in-law at Gertrude's Cafe at the Baltimore Museum of Art. I told everyone I had an announcement to make. I announced that I love their daughter very much and that I always felt very welcomed by their family. I then requested permission from the father and the mother to marry their baby. Silence. No answer. I should say the dude doesn't speak English too well. So I tried again. Once again silence. Now her mom chimes in and says it's O.K. but I still want to know what the dad thinks. Finally he speaks up and he says "thank you." I think, thank you for what? Is he thankful that I've stopped asking for his daughter's hand in marrige? Is he thankful that I finally shut up and now he can order food? This is all quite humiliating. My girlfriend is laughing because she is happy that everyone is humiliated, especially me. He suddenly seemed pleased for no real reason and at this point says I can marry his nutty daughter. All in all I give it a six on a scale of one to ten. It probably could have gone much worse. In the end, everyone got what they wanted. I got permission to marry his little girl, he got the crab cakes with a small salad and rasberry sorbet.