Jun 19, 2006

Camel Toes

I'm starting to get more comfortable with coloring in photoshop. You might be wondering why i'm always drawing animals. It's because it's easy to find pictures of them. I go online to a stock photography agency and then look through the animal sections until something hits me. I don't want to spend a lot of time thinking and searching so I just choose the first thing that sort of interests me. I'd rather spend my time drawing and practicing on photoshop. I distorted the camel to give it some personality. I'm fixated with putting numbers on my drawings. No real reason except I think it looks cool. More to come.

Jun 15, 2006

Portfolio Center

I get letters from kids in art school or kids coming out of ad schools. Ad schools are the worst creations on earth. Anyway most ad school kids want to know how I came up with such wacky visual ads. The reason is I never went to ad school. I always tell them to keep up with the latest cutting edge illustrators and photographers. Get a subscription to Juxtapoz magazine. Bookmark Artdorks.com. Try to find great artists who have never done advertising before. Most advertising people use the same 100 photographers, directors and illustrators. Clients are afraid to try anything new. This attitude starts to creep into the creatives at advertising agencies. Don't be afraid to be different. Last but not least never listen to agency creative directors, they are the most talentless people in the room. Seek out people who have wider interests than advertising. People who only have advertising as their creative outlet aren't really creative at all. When I first started out I learned to hire the best possible person for the job. There were times when I had very little money for a job but I would call the most expensive photographer. I'd somehow get them on the phone and after giving them my rap they'd usually agree to do it. This doesn't work for most people. I think what i'm trying to say is do whatever it takes to produce something cool for the old consumer. Don't make advertising your life, buy a sketch book or paints and an easel or a camera and do something for yourself.

Moving Day

The other day I had to move out the last items from my wife's old apartment. I hired a kid with a van. Turns out he was a graduate of Julliard. A clarinet player from Bulgaria. He was asking me how I succeeded as an artist in New York City. I told him how I initially started out to be an illustrator. But making it in manhattan is no easy task. Money is a huge issue in order to survive here. I landed a job in advertising because they needed someone who could draw. So I was being paid to do what I love best, sketching all day. Over time I was lured into being an art director and coming up with ideas and designing print ads and making television commercials. The more I succeeded the more dough I was given. It was very exciting . People thought I had the most interesting artistic job and in some ways they were right. Now looking back after 20 years I realized I had to give up a lot of things to make it in the Big Apple. The most important thing I gave up was my dream of being an illustrator. But that dream has been resurrected from its grave and I feel really good about that. The young mover was listening intently to me. He said he knew exactly what I was talking about. He sees how impossible it is to get into a philharmonic somewhere in America and that his life is now filled with choices. At some point because of financial reasons he may start to choose to not follow his dream of being a clarinet player. After listening to me he said he was goiing to fight on no matter what. In my case making too much money lured me away from my dream, making too little could be what lures him away from his. Talking to a young person like him starting out made me look a little harder at myself. I hope both of us succeed.

There is a new interview of me at The Extra Finger which is an art blog in Italy. Check it out here.

Also I recieved a Three Thumbs Up Award the other day. I was very excited. Check it out here. Congratulations also to Ben Schlitter, Steve Rolston, Irisz Agocs and Holly DeWolf.

Jun 1, 2006


As you can see I have made another attempt at Photoshop. I must say I am getting better. It works really well with my style of drawing. I always need help though. Good thing thing I work in an ad agency. There is always some technical person to look over my shoulder when I have a question. And believe me I always have problems. I will keep at it until I master the damn thing. The other good thing about working in advertising is that I hardly have any work to do. That leaves plenty of free time for drawing. I'm off to start another one.

There is an interview with me on The Extra Finger which is an art blog in Italy. Check it out here.

Lion King

At the last drawing marathon in Brooklyn I spent a little time and spashed a bunch of watercolor onto a blank page in my moleskine. Then one day Yun wanted me to meet her at Cartier because she wanted to get her wedding ring adjusted. The public library is close by so I went early so I could do this sketch. It came out quite good so I will be doing more of this type of thing in the future. In fact i've already painted a few more pages in my book. When I said my drawing will improve once i'm married is turning out to be true. I guess I should have done it a long time ago.


The day after I got married it was sunny and beautiful outside. I of course was hung over. Too much champagne. My wife (that's the first time i've said that) was worried about her cats moving to my apartmrnt. They are very tempermental. But they adjusted perfectly into our new apartment. So she felt comfortable enough to leave them alone. We walked over to Tompkins Square park in the east village. I did a drawing of some guys playing chess on the cement tables. There were many games going on. The crazy street people were loving my sketch because I captured the guys perfectly. When I was finished Yun and I sat in the sun. She reading the New York Times book review and me recouperating. I thought to myself if this is what it's like being married then i'm a pretty lucky fellow.

Twas The night Before

What did I do the day before I was to get married? Run around making last minute preparations? No. Get my tuxedo from the dry cleaners? No. I went to the west side highway with Danny Gregory and drew in my moleskine journal. In a lot of ways it was a day just like any other. But in the back of my head I knew it wasn't. It was my last day as a bachelor. It was not an easy day to draw. It was fleet week in New York City so Danny and I were trying to draw the ships but of course there were problems. They wouldn't let Danny bring watercolors onto the first shipwe saw, they never really explained why. We tried to get onto another but they wanted to charge us $20 bucks each so we said forget it. There was a tank we wanted to draw but it was fenced off and they wouldn't let us near it. So we ended up sitting in the middle divider that seperates the west side highway. Of course it started raining but we kept at it. The drawing didn't come out so good because I couldn't really concentrate. I was too busy thinking about my girlfriend Yun who in 12 more hours was going to be my wife. Once i'm officially married i'm sure my drawings will dramatically improve along with my luck.