May 22, 2006

Another Draw-a-thon

Butch Belair and I went to back to Brooklyn for our second Draw-a-thon. Thankfully it was not as crowded this time. We parked ourselves down in cushy chairs and started to sketch. We also did a fair amount of drinking. Whiskey to be exact. I've become less and less enamoured with drawing the models. I dig the people concentrating on trying to sketch in this weird atmosphere. It's a big mix of people from really good artists to total amateurs. From pierced faces and tattoos to straight laced. Then there is Belair and I too liquored up. I drew this guy and the people behind him. Butch was laughing because I really captured this dude perfect. I just needed the back of the model to finish it but the models kept getting into wacky contortionist poses. Finally I asked one of the models to pose for me for 5 minutes so I could finish. She was kind enough to do it for me. But some people were getting a little annoyed and wanted her to go back to doing quick contortionist poses. I finally finished and Butch and I stumbled into the night. We ended up drinking in some god forsaken joint until two in the morning. All in all a heavenly night.

May 10, 2006

Still Trying

I'm still messing around with photoshop. What I really need to do is buy a how-to book and carefully go through it. In my office there is someone who knows what he's doing so I always bug him for help. Then I forget everything the next day. My brain freezes trying to deal with technology. There is so much more I want to do but I refrain from asking because I am still trying to get the basics down. Anyhow this is my latest bumbling attempt.

May 9, 2006

County Fair

I'm not used to this county fair stuff. I grew up on Long Island and trust me there was none of that kind of thing there. Seeing the sheep and wool festival in Maryland made we want to seek out more county fairs. I called my friend Pat who grew up on a farm. He told me the largest one in the U.S. is the Erie county fair in upstate new York. He said it wasn't so good but there was one or two little ones he knew of that were quite interesting. The only problem is I have to wait until the beginning of august. I didn't get to make as many drawings as I wanted to. I was too distracted by the homemade potato chips, lemonade, lamb sausages, hot dogs, kettle corn, lamburgers and various other treats you can't get in New York City.

Love You Long Time

My parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. That is quite an accomplishment these days. I'm only in my first year so I have a long long way to go. I'm frazzled just thinking about it. I haven't even been alive for 50 years. I had an apartment for seventeen years, I stayed at one job for thirteen years, but that's about it. So I guess congratulations are in order.

May 2, 2006

World's Greatest Something

David Blaine has been in the news recently. He stayed underwater in a bubble outside Lincoln Plaza In manhattan for like eight days. Then he held his breathe underwater for an hour or two, something ridiculous like that. There is always some daredevil flying aroung the globe in a hotair balloon or some dude jumping off the empire state building. Then there are the people who make the biggest pancake in the world or grow the longest fingernails or some such useless thing. But it is fun for us average folks to hear about the exploits of extreme kooks. My only claim to such fame would be that this is probably the world's worst blog entry ever.


When I present ideas to clients in advertising I prefer to show mine in the form of drawings. This is a typical sketch that I would show to a client to convey an idea that I have. It is a certain style i've developed over the years. It's not realistic and it's not really cartoony. It is all draw from my head with no reference. If you were to see other drawings i've done for this purpose you would recognize my style instantly. I just draw away with ink. I don't sketch it out in pencil first. This sketch was for a Steve Madden men's ad using a little known rapper named "Mouthpiece." It wasn't one of my better ideas. I'm showing it because I like the drawing I did.

Opinion Pole

What I want to know is who are these 3 in 10 people who actually believe Donny Rumsfeld is doing a great job? You see these opinion polls always showing a certain amount of people who seem so happy by his failure after failure. Everything you hear or read about says going to Iraq was a complete and total failure. Then you poll people and a certain amount of them say, "yes I was completely for that complete and total failure." I tend to believe that they too are disgusted by this administration but just don't want the opinion polls to fall too low so they lie and say, "this administration is doing a fabulous job." No one can be that out of the loop. The only problem is these clowns think that 3 in 10 people are actually behind them. If only the 3 in 10 would stop lying then the Bushies would really get the message and real change would occur. So please next time you're polled, don't lie.

Nothing to Say

It's exhausting being clever, witty and funny everyday. So today i'm not going to try and do any of that. I'm just going to post a drawing I did over the winter in Woodstock. Me and the old lady were up in the woods for a weekend. I sketched this sucker one cold afternoon sitting on my portable camping stool. Froze my ass off once again.