Dec 19, 2006

Work Pad

When I work in advertising, I like to think of ideas while doodling on a sketchpad. Recently I was working on an assignment for cellular phones. This is my pad as I was jotting down ideas. It came out pretty cool so I thought I would share it. I throw out notebooks full of this stuff. I go through a lot of pens.


coloribus said...

yes, the ideas like to travel on paper through doodles, and these ideas are greedy of ink, that's why it's better to have several pens in its pockets... to succeed in going at the end of its ideas :o)
I like the doodles because they release our creativity !

Tommy Kane said...

very good points.

martha said...

Great doodle page! I doodle in meetings a lot, but no pages this cool though. I find it helps me think somehow - perhaps by keeping my right brain alive while we're discussing very left-brain topics.