Nov 9, 2006

Sprucing Up

The 2008 olympics are going to be in Beijing. As a result the chinese are fixing the city up like mad. Maybe fixing it up too much. When Yun and I went to famous sites like the forbidden city and the temple of heaven, we were stunned. They must have brought in thousands of painters. They had restored everything to look like the day it was built. Every mural, every elaborate design, every square inch of every building and temple were all newly painted. It was so amazing it hurt my eyes to even look at it. There are new buildings and hotels going up everywhere. But I feel they are knocking down too much of the old. The old little alleyways that wind and crisscross around Beijing are so captivating and mysterious you could spend a lifetime exploring them. The government wants them torn down immediately. Ouch.


Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree more! really nice* illustrations btw~

stela barreto said...

I found your draws great! I also use to do my travel books almost with the same technique.
Stela Barreto (Portugal)

Tommy Kane said...

I find I look at these way more than photos I've taken after traveling.