Nov 4, 2006

Special Delivery

When I was on my friend Pat's farm I built a frame for one of my cardboard paintings. It's titled, "preemptive strike." A painting of Robin, the boy wonder. Anyway I wanted to glue real bullets around the inside of the box. So I called my friend Pat and asked if he could get me some bullets to use on it. I also needed various sizes. Pat said "no problem." He said he bought them and took them down to the local post office to send them to me. That's where we ran into a snag. Neither of us realized it's against the law to mail ammo through the US mail. Who knew? Pat said they were not going to arrest him but he had to come pick up his boxes of bullets. He said you are allowed to ship them fedex. That's good to know. Hopefully I'll get them soon and can finally finish my groovy piece.

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