Nov 9, 2006

Fools Errand

George W. is desperate to try to save his failed legacy. He needs a surge in the polls. So he is dumping the top war generals who were in charge of his fiasco. He wants to make it appear like he is coming up with a new strategy. What George is really about to do is escalate the war. General Casey and the other scapegoats were not in favor of this dumb tactic because there's no way it will work. We just had an election in which the american people gave the president a mandate. Start withdrawing troops and get the hell out of the middle of their civil war. The civil war his blundering created, I might ad. The band, The Who, have a song called "won't get fooled again". There is a line in the song that says, "meet the new boss, just the same as the old boss". Bush wants us to believe he is doing something different by bringing in some new bosses. So while George W. stays the course, I for one won't be fooled again.


ALTAMIRA said...


Tommy Kane said...

i agree.

Amrita Marino said...

I love these political ones. It sucks to not even be able to speak your mind happily on your own blog because clients may get offended. Growing up in India, politics was always fair game for discussion, so I dont get the American aversion to discussing politics. It affects all of us, its not that its some sort of a secret club that is only relevant to a few folks.