Oct 4, 2006

South Korean Temple

When Yun was a little girl living in Seoul, her grandmother would wake her very early in the morning to go chant at her temple. Yun said it would happen at four in the morning and they would arrive at the temple in the dark. The temple would be glowing because it was lit by hundreds of candles. It is a memory Yun will never forget. The rest of her siblings weren't too keen on going. We recently went to South Korea and Yun wanted me to see this great temple. We got in a cab to go there. At some point the cab stopped and Yun was arguing a bit with the driver. They were speaking Korean, so I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. Finally we got out and walked between some buildings and there it was. Yun said she was telling the driver that this is not where the temple is but he insisted that it was. Turns out that South Korea has changed so much she didn't recognize the neighborhood. Yun said not one of the tall buildings surrounding it were there fifteen years. Now I have my own beautiful memory of the temple.


Renate said...

It's always a pleasure to see your drawings and read your blog. I'm in love with the three in this one!

Anonymous said...

It's good the hear the temple still exists even if the place has changed. I had a friend from Seoul (sadly lost touch) and I'd love to visit the place, it must be full of contrasts.