Oct 23, 2006

New Friends

One day drawing in Korea, a girl stopped by to see what I was doing. She introduced herself as Ester and said she worked at the Unity Realty company. She pointed out where it was. She wanted me to stop by when I was finished. She wanted to show everyone in her office what I was doing. When I was done I stopped by. There were a bunch of girls working there. They were very excited to have a distraction. They made me green tea, then began to pour through the drawing books I had with me. One girl was named Soda. She asked if I would draw her. I said sure. It came out pretty good if I must say so myself. I gave them my card which has my website so they could check out my other work. On my card is one of the Steve Madden girls holding a tommy kane logo. One girl looked at my card and said, "Steve Madden." I was shocked. How did she know that ad. We only advertised in america. She said years ago she went on a trip to Las Vegas and saw one of my billboards. But the fact that she remembered the name steve madden blew my mind. After that they thought I was some kind of celebrity. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I'm just some jackass who sketches on the street.


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Tommy Kane said...

I actually don't mind spam in my comments. It makes it appear like lots of people are coming to read my blog.