Oct 10, 2006

Love Hotel

Drawing on the streets of Seoul was pretty nutty. Just like in China people would mob me. They love to watch people draw for some reason. I sat on a little street corner and set up my stuff. Soon the old ladies are coming out of the wood work. They bring little stools or milk crates to sit on. And I mean they sit right next to me, like one foot away. They best part is that they talk to me the entire time, but only in Korean. I never know what anyone is saying but that doesn't seem to stop anyone. Even a transvestite came by to hang out. The ladies also shout at other people they see on the street to come over and see. There are times it gets pretty crazy. There is also a lot of laughter going on. We all seem to enjoy ourselves. Even the owner of the motel came out to introduce himself. I really dig people.


Vonster said...

LOL That is so cool. You have to get your wife to video tape it for us and then post it on You Tube.

Renate said...

Yeah! I'd love to see such a video too! But I can imagine the scene very good from your description. Great picture! :)

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Tommy Kane said...

Everyone should make a trip to Asia to draw. It's a lifa changing experience.

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Anonymous said...

This is such a terrific story. It is so nice when other people see, appreciate and get excited about what you do. It kinda makes it all seem worthwhile.

Karen said...

What a fabulous experience, Tommy. Drawing as performance art. More power to you ... hope you and Yun have a fabulous time.

Yari said...

This story mad eme laugh and feel the joy you must have felt while in teh midst of all that celebration. I mean that was a celebration of art. Great experience.