Oct 11, 2006


I hopped off the train near the Sumo stadium in Tokyo. I wanted to draw something that was very typical looking of Japanese cities. I noticed this little restaurant. I set up shop and began to sketch. After a bit of time people started to come and see what I was doing. Some people from the restaurant next door came over and gave me a coffee. I took it and drank it even though I don't drink coffee. They began to tell me the restaurant I was drawing was one that served the famous blowfish. That's right, the same poisonous fish that if not prepared right can kill you. Wow, what a stroke of luck. I couldn't read any of the signs. I thought I was just picking any old place to draw. They told me that It was made famous because it is the sumo wrestlers favorite food. No I didn't try it.

Check out a little feature about one of my paintings at Artheads.


dibujador said...

you better be friendly with the waiter!!!

excellent sketch, as always!!

Jan said...

I've been returning to look at this one again. My favorite recent sketch.