Oct 5, 2006


When Yun and I got home from our trip to Europe I went into iphoto and made a slide show with music. She was quite amazed. The day after she saw it she wanted to know if we could change the music. I said sure. I showed her how I did it. When people who don't use mac see one in action they instantly get hooked. We downloaded music from the music store and relayed it over the existing slideshow. Yun was thrilled. I said, "do you want to make a slideshow of our trip to Italy together?" Cut to 5 hours later and we are finishing up. I showed Yun all my tricks. Now it is becoming harder and harder for me to just sit at my computer without Yun being drawn to it like a magnet. Her PC never had that effect on me. Apple truly does rule.


blacksou| said...

apple sure as hell does rule. lol i saw your comment on my redundant blog the other day and was laughing so hard cause there was nothing there. i did put my other blog's link on it though. anyways, i love the pictures!


Anonymous said...

I've always been an Applenaut.

Bobby said...

Great stuff. Love the colors.