Sep 27, 2006

Historical Society

Lately what I like drawing is buildings or store fronts. I'm sure these drawings will be a lot cooler in 25 years when the places have changed. In some ways as I go around New York drawing I am documenting a time in history. It's like looking back at the old black and white photos of cities when there are trollies and horse drawn wagons. I will just keep going until I have enough of these to make a nice size book. Then 30 years from now I'll publish the sucker. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Anonymous said...

Great drawing, Tommy! It's like a pictorial biography ... New York's lucky to have you. I just caught (I'm a little slow) your podcast with Danny Gregory. Looking back, I think I was following that same path until a job change forced me out of it. Thanks for talking about it. Take care!

blacksou| said...

im surprised to come upon your blog but its a worthy find... passionate is the word.

Renate said...

Great idea! But don't wait 30 years. I'm 40 already... Make it 10, that's enough!