Aug 5, 2006

Test Drive

I spent some time on my pal Pat's farm. Before I went there I bought myself a new sketchbook to draw and paint in. I really wanted to test out this new book before I took it to Europe. It was an oversized watercolor paper spiral bound book. When I got to the farm I tested it out but found that it actually repelled water. I couldn't believe it. I had nothing else to draw in so I was stuck trying to make it work. Everytime I used my watercolors the paper wouldn't absorb the color so I ended up painting over and over and over. It was a pain but I kept at it. Also I have a new scanner and the book is too big for the scanner so I have to scan one half and then the other and then put them together in photoshop. The two halfs are slightly different in color. They look alright but not really what I was after. I made a bunch of drawings though so you will get to see them all eventually. I ended up not bringing this book to Europe. Good thing I test drove it first.


witness said...

Powerful stuff! I love it.

trophiogrande said...

I hate it when a skecthbook goes bad. Love your blog!

dex mission said...

very nice drawings. im very jealous. i wish to do enough traveling to have a book someday...sigh, back to work :(