Aug 24, 2006

Phil Harmonic

When we were in Salzburg we went to see the Vienna Philharmonic perform. Everyone was dressed to the nines except me. I had ripped khakis, slip on converse sneakers and a stinky t-shirt. I wasn't trying to be arrogant or anything. I just happen to travel real light and that's all I had available. I don't know anything about classical music. Once it started instead of watching I drew the orchestra. It was no easy feat. It was totally dark in the audience. I'm really getting good at drawing in the dark. I try to be very unobtrusive but people around me can't help but notice. No one has ever really seen anyone sketching at the philharmonic. People are trying to watch the performance but they also half watch the looney, scribbling away on his moleskine pad. I think it came out pretty good considering the difficult situation.

Juxtapoz magazine.


pickleshane said...

i think it came out pretty _damn_ good considering the situation!

PeterPen said...

If you like to see more people drawing in dark of theatre-rooms look out for these great ones done by Enrico Casarosa during a pitch-black dancing-event!

jen said...

hey tommy, i can relate to this, i'm the one drawing at lectures while everyone is furiously writing stuff down!
huge fan of your work, congrats on the on-my-desk spot :)

suzanne said...

Such a funny story...and such an ambitious drawing! I bet the people around you actually loved it: a feast for the ears and eyes!