Aug 7, 2006


Vienna is like a giant wedding cake. Every square inch of every building is jammed packed with so much ornate frilly frilly business you wonder how the hell they did it. It is quite a sight though. You really feel the history of these places. But what I feel when I stroll around looking at all of those buildings is how much these architects must have loved wedding cakes.

I want to thank 2 of my friends. One is Bill Dawson of XK9 design. Check him out here: I noticed he had a little icon before his http address. I asked him how he did it. He told me it is called a favicon and that a young designer helped him do it. He was kind enough to turn me on to his friend. His name is Jason Croatto. He did mine for no charge. I love all the people I have met on the internet who have gone out of their way to help me, especially these 2 knuckleheads.

There is an interview of me in Dork Magazine.

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bazooka radio said...

Dude, I read your interview on Art Dorks and checked out your work on your main site.

Bananas! Your stuff is great. I really dig it. Bitchin style and all kinds of skill. That thing you said about art being work really hit home for me too. I need to get to work.

Rock and roll man!