Aug 7, 2006

The Ladies

The town that my friend's farm is in is very small. Everyone knows everyone. It is called East Otto in upstate New York. Near Buffalo. I was going all over town drawing. Word had quickly spread that there was stranger in town sitting on a small foldup stool drawing and painting. This seemed very exotic to these folks. So over the course of a few days almost everyone had come over to see what I was up to and to introduce themselves. I was thrilled and amazed. My friend Pat called me when I got home and said the town ladies had approached his friend Beau to ask if they could use my drawings for a calender to raise money to save the old schoolhouse. I know this sounds like an episode of Mayberry but i'm just telling it like it is. Well anyway, I told them to go screw themselves. JUST KIDDING. I put everything on a disk and sent it to them to use as they please. I am very flattered.

There is an interview of me in Dork Magazine.


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That's great and you also got a fan club started there... Luv your drawings