Aug 8, 2006


When I was in the Czech Republic I met the great photojournalist, Jan Sibik. He was having a huge exhibition in Prague. You can see some of his work here, I showed him one of my drawing books. He looked a little stunned and then he said something to me I hadn't thought of. I have been using a new drawing book. It is made by Carhartt, the company that makes a lot of camping, hunting and work gear. He says, "The drawings you make are so uplifting and hopeful but the cover of your book is just the opposite. It is that military symbol that I see in every terrible situation I go to in the world." I thought that was such an interesting observation. I got him to sign his new book for me. It is amazing to meet someone who goes everyday to the worst places on earth and documents what is happening. Beruit, Congo, Iraq, North Korea, wars, tsunami, floods, AIDS clinics and basically anywhere that hell exists. It puts things into perspective for me as I go around drawing the funny little buildings in my neighborhood and places I travel.

There is an interview of me in Dork Magazine.

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Jana Bouc said...

Amazing and beautiful drawing. I love all the detail and the bright colors. I agree about the camoflauge--it's the latest thing for back to school in the stores right now. I hate to see little kids wearing army looking gear and though I imagine they made the cover camoflauge for use in the field (?) it would make me sad on a sketchbook too.