Aug 7, 2006


I spent a week in the sweltering heat on my friend Pat's farm. Obviously there is no air conditioning there. It doesn't take long to get acclamated. Right after that trip I went to Vienna and Prague. There is very little to no air conditioning there also. It wasn't quite as bad as the heatwave that New York was having at the time (which thank god we missed) but it was still pretty hot. When I arrived home after the trip all air conditioning felt like being in a meat locker to me. I was really able to see how americans have grown accustomed to wasting more energy than anyone on the planet. The europeans drive around in minature smart cars which get a thousand miles to the gallon. Even down to the way we drink soda. Here you go to the movies and a small coke is like 50 ounces. Over there you get served a coke in a tiny 8 ounce glass bottle. Very civilized.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Perfect tractor. Excellent hay bales. I'm jealous.

Renate said...

I just adore your drawings!
And let me tell you a secret. We europeans may be civilized, but we're always thirsty at the movies ;)
Greetings from Austria,