Aug 14, 2006

George Reeves

My godson's name is Tasio. He was born in Cambodia and adopted by my good friends, Pat and Licia. He then moved to a wonderful dairy farm in upstate New York. Tasio probably comes from a long line of cambodian warriors. He seems born to be on a hard working farm. He and I bonded instantly. Over time his mom noticed a lot of similarities between us. A big thing we have in common is superheroes. Many of my paintings are of masked heroes. Batman, Robin, Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet. He is obsessed with these same guys. His biggest obsession is Superman. I bought him a 5 DVD box set of the 1960's Superman television show. We watched it for hours. When we spend time together he has thousands of endless questions about, krypton, Jor-l and x-ray vision. He even dresses up everyday as Superman. Recently I was on the farm and had to make a trip to the home depot. Tasio came with me. Of course he was dressed as Superman. When we entered the store everyone spotted him. As a joke, someone made an announcement over the loudspeaker that, "Superman was in the store." Tasio took it all in stride because deep down he truly believes HE IS SUPERMAN.


Alina Chau said...

awesome drawings!

Frisky said...

What a sweet, funny, and beautiful portrait of your godson. He sounds like a character! I had to laugh that they announced that Superman was in the store.

I've only had time to see a few for now, but your drawings are amazing! I'll be back for sure.