Aug 10, 2006


In Prague when you go to a restaurant and look at the menu they actually list the weight of the portion. There it is right next to the price. 200 grams or whatever. Jan told us that during the Russian occupation of Prague people realized they were being cheated. Butchers and supermarkets hid the good stuff away from ordinary citizens. This was used for favors or other types of goods. People have an overall distrust. I would be also if the Russians occupied me. Jan said his grandmother worked in a butcher store under the occupation and she had to do a lot of weighing of meats. He said after the Russians were driven out, this system of displaying the weight of foods was established, and if he ever went to eat with her she would tell the waiter "this plate doesn't weigh what it says on the menu." She would make them take her to the kitchen to weigh it and sure enough she would always be right. Communism sucks for sure.

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