Aug 7, 2006


When Yun and I arrived in Vienna to begin our trip I quickly realized she had a fierce agenda. We were to see every museum there was. The only problem is I don't like museums too much. I get overwhelmed at trying to look at all the stuff. There is always too much. But the real problem is that I am in this amazing city and not getting to do any of my own drawings. I was dying inside. I noticed something at the second museum we went to. I realized that a lot (if not all) of the paintings and drawings weren't real. They seemed to be framed color xeroxes. I then entered a room in the museum that had a large notice on the wall. It said, we don't display our real art, it will get damaged if exposed to the sun and other elements. BUT we are very proud of the quality of our FACSIMILES. I took a doubletake. FACSIMILIES. Then I realized that all the art in the first museum we went to was also color xeroxes. Yun then wanted to see Freud's house. She wanted to see the couch. When we arrived of course the couch wasn't there, only a photo of it. And not the original photo I might ad but a facsimile of the original photo. Anyway after I pointed all of this out to Yun she realized maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to draw pictures, drink beer and hang out a little more. Maybe rushing to every museum isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Keith Haluska said...

That's bullshit! So, I can start a museum in my living room if I get really good color copies of interesting (sometimes they aren't even that) paintings? Did they also have pictures of sculpture? I understand that they are trying to preserve the art, and that's noble. How can they, in good conscience, charge people to look at facsimilies? Man, even musuems have turned into a racket. The cost of having people look at the art is the "wear and tear", if you're not letting me see it to "wear and tear" on it - why do I have to pay. Again, it's bullshit!

Felicity said...

It's so tragic it's funny! You could have just visited on-line!

Mattias said...

Very nice drawing though

Arty said...

I'm living in France and I once found a museum just like that. It's the museum of Monets gardens. An absolutely lovely place. Amazing to see where he lived and the gardens are worth the visit for the lilly ponds and the bridges and the energy of the place. But the paintings were copies.

Quiet a surprise!

My wife is a bit like Yun. Unending energy. Not the visually creative sort but very creative in other ways. She's a montessori teacher. I have to say 'watch out'. Newly wed women have big agendas and tend to assume that whatever they want is good for the partner. It's difficult for me to get time to create anything in the company of Amelie.

At the beginning she used to leave lists of things for me to do while I was working from the studio. Like the rest of the world, she assumed that I had plenty of free time between paintings.


Good luck and I hope you enjoyed Europe.


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