Aug 28, 2006


Every cafe uses real tablecloths in Europe. You can get a $4 breakfast and eat it sitting with a nice linen tablecloth. I also love the glasses in Austria and Prague. Every beverage comes in its own glass. If you order a Pilsner beer, it comes in its own special Pilsner glass complete with a little logo. Every drink -- and I do mean every one -- comes that way. They must have special rooms in every cafe and bar just to hold all of the glasses. I would order a bushmills on the rocks and a perrier, and I would get each in its own special glass. All the glasses are beautifully designed with unique twists and ridges. In America, everything comes in plastic and is 50 ounces. Disgusting. It seems like an awful lot of work to do it the way they do, but life is so much sweeter because of it. Anyone who is sensitive to design will be in heaven there.

You can see my apartment studio where I work at On my desk.


Felicity said...

I find your comparisons of Europe and US really interesting as I've never been to the States (not sure I want to anymore!) Your workspace is amazing, I'm jealous!

Renate said...

What a nice surprise, to see our Austrian things at your blog :)
Did you like the Almdudler?

Anonymous said...

I've been a ginger ale drinker all my life, and Tom makes fun of me for it. So when we arrived in Vienna and our friend Jan recommended it to me, I loved it because it's not as syrupy sweet as it is sold here in the U.S. Tom liked it, too. I wish we could get it here.


Druie said...

Great sketches you have here!! I definately need to be sketching more and more whenever I go out.