Aug 12, 2006


I went to a lot of bar-b-ques this summer. One weekend Yun and I went to see her grandmother, who is a cooking machine. She told us to pick up a grill. So we stopped by Target and got a really cheap one. I must say it wasn't too bad. The grandmother had marinated some Kalbi beef and steaks. Her marinade has the juice of onions, chinese pears, molasses and god knows what else. It must take forever to make. Not only did I eat that stuff all day. I made us all cold steaks sandwiches the next day for lunch. Even Granny didn't mind wolfing one of those down.

I have a brand new illustration site. Check it out here.


PeterPen said...
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PeterPen said...

I like how you switched from your sketchbook illustration-system on your old page to your styles/themes/subject-system!

... ooh and I just saw, your new site is featured on 'drawn!' allready

dibujador said...

THANK GOD I´ve discovered your site! (by Drawn)
you will be on my links,I love your art

alex said...

same as dibujador here!

i really enjoy your work. man, you just rock.keep it up greetz from berlin, germany!