Jun 15, 2006

Portfolio Center

I get letters from kids in art school or kids coming out of ad schools. Ad schools are the worst creations on earth. Anyway most ad school kids want to know how I came up with such wacky visual ads. The reason is I never went to ad school. I always tell them to keep up with the latest cutting edge illustrators and photographers. Get a subscription to Juxtapoz magazine. Bookmark Artdorks.com. Try to find great artists who have never done advertising before. Most advertising people use the same 100 photographers, directors and illustrators. Clients are afraid to try anything new. This attitude starts to creep into the creatives at advertising agencies. Don't be afraid to be different. Last but not least never listen to agency creative directors, they are the most talentless people in the room. Seek out people who have wider interests than advertising. People who only have advertising as their creative outlet aren't really creative at all. When I first started out I learned to hire the best possible person for the job. There were times when I had very little money for a job but I would call the most expensive photographer. I'd somehow get them on the phone and after giving them my rap they'd usually agree to do it. This doesn't work for most people. I think what i'm trying to say is do whatever it takes to produce something cool for the old consumer. Don't make advertising your life, buy a sketch book or paints and an easel or a camera and do something for yourself.


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