Jun 1, 2006


The day after I got married it was sunny and beautiful outside. I of course was hung over. Too much champagne. My wife (that's the first time i've said that) was worried about her cats moving to my apartmrnt. They are very tempermental. But they adjusted perfectly into our new apartment. So she felt comfortable enough to leave them alone. We walked over to Tompkins Square park in the east village. I did a drawing of some guys playing chess on the cement tables. There were many games going on. The crazy street people were loving my sketch because I captured the guys perfectly. When I was finished Yun and I sat in the sun. She reading the New York Times book review and me recouperating. I thought to myself if this is what it's like being married then i'm a pretty lucky fellow.


Anonymous said...

warmest congratulations to you and yun!

i subscribe to your blog for inspiration as a beginning artist and i always especially like your incorporation of text (and the fact that what you write near your drawings is different from what you post on your blog). it's a clever and engaging format that you've come up with.

lynn in chicago

trophiogrande said...

Wow! Your blog and website are great! I love the fact that great talent is out there sharing their art with the world, your work makes me feel humbled yet delited.

Felicity said...

In Geneva, there is a park with oversized chess boards, the old guys are there playing every day. I didn't have the nerve to draw them but you would have done some fantastic sketches I'm sure! Great sketch - is that police car there in case the chess players turn nasty?!