May 2, 2006

World's Greatest Something

David Blaine has been in the news recently. He stayed underwater in a bubble outside Lincoln Plaza In manhattan for like eight days. Then he held his breathe underwater for an hour or two, something ridiculous like that. There is always some daredevil flying aroung the globe in a hotair balloon or some dude jumping off the empire state building. Then there are the people who make the biggest pancake in the world or grow the longest fingernails or some such useless thing. But it is fun for us average folks to hear about the exploits of extreme kooks. My only claim to such fame would be that this is probably the world's worst blog entry ever.


Andrea said...

not even close ... i really enjoy your blog!

Felicity said...

Ditto big a's comment! I find those people really sad like they need to think up crazy achievements to validate their existence.