May 2, 2006

Opinion Pole

What I want to know is who are these 3 in 10 people who actually believe Donny Rumsfeld is doing a great job? You see these opinion polls always showing a certain amount of people who seem so happy by his failure after failure. Everything you hear or read about says going to Iraq was a complete and total failure. Then you poll people and a certain amount of them say, "yes I was completely for that complete and total failure." I tend to believe that they too are disgusted by this administration but just don't want the opinion polls to fall too low so they lie and say, "this administration is doing a fabulous job." No one can be that out of the loop. The only problem is these clowns think that 3 in 10 people are actually behind them. If only the 3 in 10 would stop lying then the Bushies would really get the message and real change would occur. So please next time you're polled, don't lie.


Susan Henderson said...

Hi Tommy,

I'm headed to Africa and will be without a computer for a while, but I'd love to include you in a feature I'm doing about cartoonists in the fall. Already on board are Jimmy Margulies, Walt Handelsman, and some NYer folks. I hope you'll say yes because I love your work! I'll be in touch when I'm back in NY.


Anonymous said...

I think the 3-in-10ers are either unable or unwilling to think for themselves.Their political agenda is the same as their social agenda.The same crowd that takes rightwing talk radio seriously, they can't be bothered with the facts. I really enjoy looking at your drawings and reading the thoughts that go with them. Keep it up!

GGB667 said...

The problem is the leftist/socialist/neo-hippie blame-america-first crowd has not come up with a kick ass plan for reducing the middle east to a pile of smouldering cinders. And until they do, the people who think that crowd would rather see that done to the US will not be satisfied.