May 22, 2006

Another Draw-a-thon

Butch Belair and I went to back to Brooklyn for our second Draw-a-thon. Thankfully it was not as crowded this time. We parked ourselves down in cushy chairs and started to sketch. We also did a fair amount of drinking. Whiskey to be exact. I've become less and less enamoured with drawing the models. I dig the people concentrating on trying to sketch in this weird atmosphere. It's a big mix of people from really good artists to total amateurs. From pierced faces and tattoos to straight laced. Then there is Belair and I too liquored up. I drew this guy and the people behind him. Butch was laughing because I really captured this dude perfect. I just needed the back of the model to finish it but the models kept getting into wacky contortionist poses. Finally I asked one of the models to pose for me for 5 minutes so I could finish. She was kind enough to do it for me. But some people were getting a little annoyed and wanted her to go back to doing quick contortionist poses. I finally finished and Butch and I stumbled into the night. We ended up drinking in some god forsaken joint until two in the morning. All in all a heavenly night.

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